Courtesy notice: Apteromata Flight is a transfer from BadKittehCo's DAZ store. If you purchased it at DAZ, you already have this product. This is no longer available at DAZ.
A finely crafted set of wings and flight gear created by BadKittehCo studio, made to complement the Apteromata Clothing set. Use them together, separately or with third party items. Let your steampunk, fantasy or gear punk imagination fly!
Don't neglect to summon the fluttery little Faraday bobbing somewhere in this set. You never know where he's going to pop up!
Depending on how you combine it, the Apteromata line of clothing items offers you a variety of looks that transcend several genres. You can have a Steampunk flyer, a fantasy warrioress, or a scout from some exotic world yet to be discovered in your own imagination!
Pieces can be mixed and matched with the Apteromata Finery set and with A-Zetta Boots.
Each piece of clothing in this set has morphs to fit V4, V4++, V4 Elite, Aiko4 and The Girl4 morph sets.
As is customary with the Bad Kitteh Co products, Apteromata Flight is loaded with numerous features such as Styling morphs used to illustrate various clothing movements, alternate looks, posing fit adjustments, Easy-Pose style dials and a number of other goodies.
While very versatile and packed with features, this set is also large, and may require intermediate to advanced knowledge of Poser or DAZ Studio to get most out of it. If you are a new use user, it may take a little bit of extra patience to get the most out of it.


Apteromata Flight

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Apteromata Flight

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