Micro XP Pro 0.98 (November-2011)

Micro XP Pro 0.98 (November-2011) | 193 MB

This release is inspired by MicroXP but is otherwise it's own copy. Pre-Activated, and updated July 2011. Includes default XP drivers f Display/Ethernet/Sound/SCSI/RAID It has all keyboard layout choices kept. All significant speed enhancement are built-in except swap file. All applications guaranteed to wk. This copy functions in every way like retail except f speed & ram usage

Micro XP Pro 0.98 (November-2011)

Free 300 GB with Full DSL-Broadband Speed!

Changes from 0.97:

-Security updates November 2011
-Re-including floppy disks, Iomega, heavy and network support firewire "
-Re-xp games including Pinball + Spider Solitaire
-Re-includes PS / 2 and multi-function driver to perform the installation on older computers.
No changes Security / Speed ??/ Scripts, but ensures a quick launch function.
-No changes to support USB3/Sata
-To increase the stability / compatibility, Windows Installer 4.5 is not integrated, and must be installed if you want it.
Remove PowerUser-Administrator account and Password.
-Update Root Certificates; important for website and application compatibility for example, Titan Poker.
- "XP setuperr.log" in the Windows folder is still 0 KB

Install time/Feature:.....Fastest
Default Security:..........Best (Tweaks + Updates)
Iso Size:.....................193 MB
Ram Usage: .......... ....50 MB
Automatic: .................Setup & speed enhancements

Purpose: To make the retail version of XP Pro better.

-Faster install and speed
-Less memy and cpu usage
-Increased security via tweaks and updates
-Increased compatibility via updates
-Faster deployment; getting your system ready shouldn't take eons.
-Passes WGA
-No need to activate
-Pre-shipped with handy applications, tools and a few drivers f fast deployment
-Micro XP Pro will not produce any me errs then the retail copy*
-Must be quality enough to fix a friend's computer and zero head aches
New :
-Vast Security and Speed improvements across the board from boot, shutdown, general, internet etc..
-Cleaner Scripts
-Me control on what to install
-Many Sata and USB 3.0 drivers have been integrated as well as some chipsets and wireless drivers.
-XP will now detect Sata Controllers on motherboards and Sata hard drives crespondingly.
-Administrat Account is "passwded", passwd being: DRIVERS
-This hints that mainly drivers, security and utility applications should be installed on that account, and that this account
should be passwd protected preferably with alphanumeric & symbolic characters.
-Implemented PowerUser account, account you should use f games, web browsing, documents etc.
-Cannot Remove DllCache which uses 300MB as it is protected by SFC.
-Removed less warranted annoying apps, ganized the rest into Utilities folder in Start Menu

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Micro XP Pro 0.98 (November-2011)

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Free 300 GB with full DSL-Broadband Speed!

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