Luxology Modo 601 SP3 build 52162
Luxology Modo 601 SP3 build 52162 | 855.1 mb

modo 601 delivers character animation, dynamics, retopology modeling and rendering advances, plus a wide variety of workflow enhancements. We hope to show you how modo is the uniquely creative tool for artists and designers.

Luxology Modo 601 SP3 build 52162

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Important Note to recoil soft body users:

Several important changes were made to improve the stability of recoil in modo 601 sp3, however a side-effect of these changes is that scenes containing soft bodies that were created in earlier versions of 601 will not behave the same in 601 sp3. Therefore, if you have any such scenes, we recommend that you keep a copy of modo 601 sp2 installed as a fall back for those scenes.

About Luxology

Luxology, LLC is an independent technology group based in Silicon Valley consisting of many of the most notable brains in the field of 3D modeling and rendering. Founded in 2001 by Allen Hastings, Stuart Ferguson and Brad Peebler, Luxology employs a team that includes some of the top engineering talent on the planet. Luxology is best known for its award-winning software, modo. The company also licenses its Nexus software architecture to various technology partners, primarily in the CAD and Entertainment industries.

Luxology Modo 601 SP3 build 52162


Luxology Modo 601 SP3 build 52162

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