Sony Media Software - Pocket Diva World Class Vocals

Sony Media Software - Pocket Diva World Class Vocals ! 697 MB

Sony Media Software - Pocket Diva World Class Vocals

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Obtaining world class vocal recordings is a delicate and somewhat arcane process that involves a complicated set of variables: great rooms, great gear, and lots of experience behind the desk, for starters. Once those factors are under control, then it's all about psychology and the voice behind the mic. Pocket Diva has these bases covered. Now you can add depth and dimension to any type of music by simply dropping ideal vocal performance files directly into your mix with instant results. Enjoy access to sonorous melodies, sensual multipart harmonies, angelic choruses, soulful phrases, operatic flourishes and more, all crafted to appeal directly to remixers, dance music producers, hip-hop/R&B artists, and score composers. Superbly effected samples paired with selected 100% dry counterparts allow for maximum flexibility during project tracking. Break out your Pocket Diva for vocal drops on any track that needs a human touch. Pocket Diva is no prima donna—she's always on time and she'll never demand a royalty check! Sample-accurate ACIDized metadata ensures maximum plasticity for achieving natural-sounding vocal tracks in the widest possible range of project keys and tempos. Great sound, great value, and a pleasant personality—with Pocket Diva, you get the complete package.




Sony Media Software - Pocket Diva World Class Vocals

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