Red Sweater FlexTime v1.2.5 (Mac OS X)

Red Sweater FlexTime v1.2.5 Mac OS X | 2.7 MB

You've got loads of time. Spend it wisely. FlexTime is a versatile timer for your repetitive activities. Play a sound, show a message, or speak out loud. FlexTime lets you choose the mechanism for all of its timed cues. It's your time, make it personal! Schedule regular breaks. Practice yoga, tai chi, or dance. Combat attention disorders. Improve your rhythm. Follow a recipe. Meditate. Remember the laundry! About the only thing FlexTime can't help you do is list the possibilities.

Red Sweater FlexTime v1.2.5 (Mac OS X)

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Repeat as Necessary
Life is repetitive. For the routine activities that fill your work and leisure hours, this amazing timer will keep you in the groove.

Crazy Scriptable
For your grandest visions, you'll love FlexTime's scripted cues and robust scripting dictionary. Design your own cues using AppleScript, Perl, Python, or just about any other language!


Red Sweater FlexTime v1.2.5 (Mac OS X)

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Free 300 GB with full DSL-Broadband Speed!

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