Ryan Deiss - LMASS2011 - Local Mobile & Social Media Summit - 2011 San Antonio

Ryan Deiss - LMASS2011 - Local Mobile & Social Media Summit - 2011 San Antonio
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There is a lot of great content here. The Offline/Mobile marketing landscape is changing so fast (in response to the changes that Google is making) that these confabs can become dated very quickly. But most of this info appears to be still relevant and again, if you deal with Offline clients this will give you a powerful sense of confidence because you will have the big picture in your head.

Ryan Deiss - LMASS2011 - Local Mobile & Social Media Summit - 2011 San Antonio

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On a technical note, this product was a mess. It looks like some of the vids had been (badly) shrunk and the video suffered. I re-ran them thru the Magic Shrink Ray(TM) and still managed to knock it down from 4.15gig to 2.90gig. I left the file names alone and I included a high quality audio rip for your convenience. This is all I have of this product at this time.

Pitch Site (Well done. Worth a visit):

Partial Pitch:
From the desk of Ryan Deiss

Thursday, 8:43 A.M.

Dear Friend,

Local and social media marketing are taking over this industry, but here is the bad news.

NONE of the latest hot tricks, tactics or strategies for making money with EITHER of these new areas of marketing are available in print yet… and they probably never will be.

Let me explain…

This ENTIRE breath of knowledge of social media and local marketing is so fluid, so new and is changing SO quickly the vast majority of it HAS to be shared LIVE!

That’s a fact.

More bad news: You don’t have a year to learn this stuff, the opportunity is NOW!

Good news is, you can do it in just 3 days. That’s a FACT too. Listen up…

Drowning yourself in outdated eBooks or forcing yourself to listen to impersonal audio courses will leave you in a worse place than where you started, and I don’t care how good the product may be, some people just don’t have the time or attention span to watch HOURS of boring training videos?

Hear this: Old information in new media is DANGEROUS!

Plus, the sad truth is…

Most Local and Social Media “Experts” are Full of CRAP or just Bold Faced Liars

At best the ordinary information you’re getting now is old and out of date or just flat WRONG in the first place?

Congratulations: You’re SCREWED!

Worse yet, what if the people who created all that stuff simply LIED.

Believe me, it happens…

The sad, sad fact is that most so-called “gurus” have never made a dime in local or social media marketing…except for selling products on “Local and Social Media Marketing”, of course.

Are you as sick and tired of this crap as I am?

So what the heck do you do? You want to learn this business and learn it fast…right?

It’s no wonder you’re not where you want to be! It’s no wonder you’re not making the kind of money you know you could (AND SHOULD!) be making.

So stop beating yourself up! Given the options you’ve had in the past, it’s not your fault. Your luck is all about to change — How?

“Get-It Straight From The Horse’s Mouth”

“Finally, THREE Famously Filthy Rich Local and Social Media Marketers Are Gonna Lock Themselves In a Room With YOU for 3 Days and Reveal All Their Tried and Tested Tactics and Strategies…That Actually Work!”

If you wanted to learn a subject…I mean REALLY learn it, which would you rather do?

A) Read a book written by the #1 expert on that subject, or

B) Take that expert to lunch, “hog-tie” them to their chair and refuse to let them leave until they told you everything you ever wanted to know about your desired subject

The answer is obvious, right? (Ok, you might want to pass on the “hog-tying” part, but you get the idea.)

Obviously it would be better to get the information “straight from the horse’s mouth” as opposed to reading it or listening to it in a potentially outdated information product.

And it’s no different when it comes to making money online…

You can either buy a bunch of eBooks and try to figure it all out on your own, or you can go to the experts themselves and listen to what they have to say – live and in-person.

Well if that scenario excites you, then I have very good news…

“Holding a GUN to Our Heads Wouldn’t Get
You any More Information”

“While I Won’t Let You Hog-Tie Me To My Chair, I Will Give You the Opportunity To Come ‘Hang Out’ With Me and Let Me Tell You Everything I Know About Making Money Online”

This is THE place for BOTH Local and Social Media Marketers to Learn and Exchange Ideas

Are you a marketing consultant in your local market? Are you providing mobile marketing services to your clients? Do you manage social media for businesses and celebrities? Then welcome home.

For the first time EVER we all have a place to get together.

September 16th , 17th , & 18th the brightest minds in marketing will come together in San Antonio, Texas for the first ever PURE CONTENT event on Local, Mobile and Social Media marketing.

Look at this ALL STAR! Dream Team!

Kate Buck Jr.: Social Media Manager to the stars
Kate Buck (otherwise known as @katebuckjr on Twitter) is the Founder and CEO of KBJOnline, a social media management and consulting agency in Austin, Texas. Kate has worked with some of the top names in Internet Marketing as well as consulted with dozens of entrepreneurs, businesses and nonprofits both across the United States and internationally.

She is also the co-founder of Pinqued, an interactive events production and marketing company, and has hosted wildly popular events at leading interactive marketing conferences around the country. Prior to founding KBJOnline, she served for three years as the LandmarkConnect Community Manager for Landmark Education, a leading global training and development company.

Kate graduated cum laude with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts and a concentration in Dance from the University of North Texas. She still maintains a passion for dance and served as Vice-President for the Texas Youth Dance Council. Kate developed a social media manager training program in which more than 5,000 people have participated. A student herself, Kate is fascinated with the technology that connects people of like minds and interests around the world and strives to keep abreast of current thought and trends. Kate is passionate about helping individuals and businesses effectively market themselves online using social tools.

Laura Betterly: Google Local Domination Queen

Laura Betterly
Laura is an eclectic serial entrepreneur. Although her first love is playing guitar (she performed in NYC punk bands in the late 1970′s and early 1980′s) Laura hs spent most of my career being a tech geek, handling the marketing and promotion for her clients and several of her own projects.

Laura co-founded Visiosonic (PCDJ.COM) in 1999 and was responsible for the PR and Marketing. PCDJ gained recognition as the first dual MP3 Player for DJ’s with millions of downloads. Laura had relationships with other tech companies such as MP3.com and Live365.com and has worked with celebrities such as Ice T, Nile Rodgers, Jam Master Jay and Chaka Kahn.

In 2002 Laura co-founded In Touch Media Group which was Internet marketing and PR agency. Since 2007, Laura has been running a boutique agency, Yada Yada Marketing, Inc.

Laura continues to do a lot of public speaking and has been a featured speaker at CES (The Consumer Electronics Show), Winter Music Conference, NARAS, the Grammy’s organization as well as the Federal Trade Commission. Laura has also been interviewed and featured in such newspapers as The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and Newsday as well as on CNN, CNNfN and NPR.

Laura recently finished her “Mobile Local Fusion” training program to teach mobile and local marketing.

Ryan Deiss: The List Builder

Ryan Deiss
Ryan Deiss is a 10 year Internet Marketing Veteran, and at the age of 30 Ryan has become a widely followed and respected IM Guru releasing countless reports and courses on subjects ranging from Social Media to Continuity Programs and SEO.

His career as a marketer began while he was in college studying to earn a Finance degree from UT-Austin. While attending college in 2000, Ryan met a girl and decided he wanted to marry her.

He couldn’t afford a ring, so he started tinkering with building an email list to generate just enough revenue to cover the monthly payment on the ring he picked out. He quickly figured out how to make enough money and saw that he could make a lot more money online than he could as a Financial consultant.

Ryan finally graduated with this Finance degree and worked as a consultant for a few months. Meanwhile, that little email list just kept getting bigger and more profitable. In 2002 Ryan knew it was time to ditch the consultant job and go for broke with his online business.

10 years later…Through his courses, he’s gained renown with his gift to create courses that simplify the complex and provide blueprints that marketers of all levels can follow to success.

Ryan publishes, speaks, blogs, writes, records video courses and makes friends.

In 2009 Ryan started Idea Incubator LP, under which he uses his expertise to market, advertise and distribute Information products online.

Idea Incubator currently contains 6 companies offering products in the health market, relationship market, IM market, and even household green cleaning products.

The Idea Incubator structure works like this…

Ryan brings content creators (with an idea) under his care and with the help of his highly talented team, matures the ideas into profitable companies. The content creators currently in house, are experts in their field. They come with experience in their field and have great product ideas. Ryan Deiss helps them get those product ideas off of the ground and implement them into manageable projects. *

If you have an idea that you think Ryan would want to publish, go HERE and find out how to submit your idea.

Ryan hosts a live seminar in Austin, Tx each year called the Traffic & Conversion Summit where he gives the most up-to-date & comprehensive look at how to marketing online for any business. In 2010 Ryan was excited to welcome over 750 guests.

While Ryan is extremely successful and driven, he loves his Family and keeps them first in his life. His beautiful wife and 3 children keep him grounded and centered and able to remain successful.

Shane Stearns: Mr. Facebook

Shane Stearns
Shane Stearns cut his teeth in Social Media Marketing 2 years ago managing Ryan Deiss’ Facebook and Twitter accounts. He quickly boosted Ryan’s fan page to over 10,000 fans, engaging with Ryan’s fans in unique and highly effective ways.

Once he got Deiss’ attention, Deiss let him loose to oversee the social media marketing division at Idea Incubator where Ryan has now developed 5 unique companies.

Now, as the social media manager at Idea Incubator L.P., Shane Stearns is constantly drumming up new ways to get targeted fans, engage them, and convert them into loyal customers.

Shane’s innovative approach has allowed him to do this quickly and budget friendly.

Julian Farley: SEO Ninja
Traffic Manager at Idea Incubator LP, where he leads the company’s traffic division, developing and overseeing search engine marketing, retargeting and ad strategies for all 5 companies. Julian has achieved Google page 1 rankings in industries as diverse as chemical products, hot dog carts, working moms, survival, marketing, lottery, retargeting, social media, travel and more.

Julian Farley got started doing SEO for Ryan Deiss’s “chemical products” and “blue collar business startup” divisions. After successfully obtaining numerous page 1 rankings Ryan put him in charge of overseeing SEO for all 5 Idea Incubator companies. Very quickly Julian was able to duplicate that same success in the survival, marketing, and working moms niches.

Julian has systematically tested and tracked almost every SEO tool on the internet. Split testing tools in isolation on Ryan’s enormous inventory of sites has allowed Julian to learn what every SEO dreams of knowing, what flat out works and what doesn’t inconclusively.

In every large Google algorithm update since Julian took over, all our web properties have increased their rankings. Julian has become an expert at anticipating the changing search landscape and adjusting accordingly. White-hat, grey-hat and black-hat methods have been tested for both short and long-term ranking changes. He is constantly inventing new ways to affect rankings of not just our sites but our competitors as well.

J.T. Foxx: Mega Networker
J.T. Foxx started investing 6 years ago with nothing more than a rusted out Ford pick-up truck, $974 dollars and the clothes on his back. Now just four 6 years later, he has closed over $40 million in real estate deals, become an internationally recognized speaker and developed a multitude of successful business ventures – all by mastering the Art of partnering, branding & marketing.

J.T. is most recognized as a very successful real estate investor and entrepreneur but he is also a popular nationally syndicated weekend radio personality of the “J.T. Foxx Show” and the “Canadian Wealth Show”. His radio program features such celebrity guests as Senator McCain, Secretary of State, William Cohen, Rev Jesse Jackson, Trump, and George Ross (Donald Trump’s right hand man), and celebrated authors like Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Bob Proctor, from The Secret and Mark Victor Hanson from the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

Even though his recognition and success in business and radio continues to rise, J.T.’s true passion is teaching and reaching out to those who dream of achieving their goals by creating differentiation and thinking differently. J.T. teaches the same practical applications he utilizes daily and that actually get results in today’s rapidly changing marketplace, bottom line his techniques work.

J.T. is beloved by his audiences for his results oriented, no-nonsense approach to business and to life – but most importantly because he gives them the tools not only to make more money, but to thrive and make a powerful impact for the better.

Ryan Deiss - LMASS2011 - Local Mobile & Social Media Summit - 2011 San Antonio

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Ryan Deiss - LMASS2011 - Local Mobile & Social Media Summit - 2011 San Antonio

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