iStockPhoto - Abstract Banners with Ribbon
2 EPS, 4 Cuts Vector Designs | 17 MB

Body Builders, Man 40xJPGs Shutterstock
Shutterstock: Body Builders, Man
40xJPGs | up to 4368x2812 Pixels | 137 MB

Shutterstock - Super Girl Models Collection
516 UHQ JPG Images | max 7200x5400 | 1,7 GB

COPYRIGHT! Snowy Make-up 5xJPGs - Shutterstock
Shutterstock - Snowy Make-up
5 UHQ RGB JPG Images | <6496x6668 Pixels | 52 MB

Big collection with food, fruits and vegetables - Fotolia 5xJPGs
Fotolia - Big Collection with Food, Fruits & Vegetables
5 UHQ JPG images | 6000x4000 Pixels | 119 MB


Position Music - Picture Perfect Music Collection: 23 Volumes
Position Music - Picture Perfect Music Collection: 23 Volumes
Film & Drama, Documentary, Promos, etc | mp3, 320kbps, 44,1 kHz | 2,6 GB

Fruit Labels Premium Vectors 25xEPS

Stock Vectors - Fruit Labels Premium Vectors

25 EPS Vectors | JPG Previews | RAR 453 MB

Valentine's Day Vector Mix
94 EPS Vectors with JPG Previews | RAR 198 MB

GAUDI DECOR Polyurethane (PU) Mouldings 3D Models Collection
550 models in the format of max | Directory | RAR 235 MB < 1.7 GB

Valentine's Day Abstracts 5xEPS

Shutterstock - Valentine's Day Abstracts 

5 EPS Vector Abstracts with original filenames | Compressed to 5 MB

Stock: Vintage Hand Drawn Graphic Banners and Labels

Stock: Vintage Hand Drawn Graphic Banners and Labels
20 EPS Vector Files with JPG Previews | RAR 161 MB

Tileable Leather Textures
Seamless Leather Textures
4 JPG | 700x600 | 5,6 mb

Revostock - Wedding Pop Up Book - AE Project
HD 1920x1080 | Adobe After Effects CS3 | Preview: JPG, FLV, AVI | 110 MB

Aeonis LT Pro - LinoType 42xOTF $2,236

  • Aeonis™ is the second large family of typefaces by Erik Faulhaber. The basic Aeonis sans-serif form references Ancient Greek lapidary inscriptions from the 9th century BC. Between the poles of antiquity and modernity, a deliberate contradiction of round and rectangular forms gave way to a new and energised font: Aeonis. 
  • Aeonis is available in three widths and seven weights, all of which have been carefully coordinated in terms of their proportions. The clear contrast in the bold stroke intensity emphasises the organic nature of the font and creates exciting aesthetics. In light of their open forms, the letters guarantee a good level of readability, even in small point sizes. Given that the dynamic individual forms of Aeonis also fit perfectly in a functional image, this typeface is ideal both for complex, text-heavy documents as well as for logos and display text settings. 
  • Particular attention was paid to ensuring carefully coordination proportions: all styles and weights have the same cap height, as well as identical ascender heights, x-heights, and descender lengths. The widths of all figures, currency symbols, mathematical operators, and special characters have been carefully aligned for tablular settings. 
  • Aeonis is an extremely systematic design. All of its widths and weights may be combined with one another, without restrictions. For users who do not like the open A, an alternate A with a crossbar is included in each font as well.


Children's Cartoon Cliparts 40xAI

40 AI Vector Files | JPG Previews | 36 MB




18 PSD | 2048*3072 pix | 300 dpi | RAR size: 499 MB < UnRAR size: 2.1 GB

  • Go Media s Bare Apparel Templates are for serious designers who know that first impressions are everything. We paired up with industry leading Bare Apparel to create the hardest hitting grunge T-Shirt Templates to date. These 18 Templates easily simulate Affliction style printingT

Valentine's Day Banners & Backgrounds 5xEPS - Shutterstock
5 EPS Vector Files, 20 Designs | 18 MB

Saint Valentines Day Flying Hearts 5xJPGs - Shutterstock
5 UHQ RGB JPG Images | <10600x5632 Pixels | 108 MB

300 Love Vector Illustrations

300 Love Vector Illustrations
300 Love Vector Illustrations

Vectorious - 300 Love Vector Illustrations

300 EPS Vectors with JPG Previews | RAR 525 MB

Valentine's Day Images III - 20xJPGs Shutterstock
Shutterstock - Valentine's Day Images III 
20 UHQ RGB JPEG Images | 7244x5248 Pixels | 224 MB

Valentine's Day Images I - 22xJPGs Shutterstock
Shutterstock - Valentine's Day Images I 
22 UHQ RGB JPEG Images | <9000x6546 Pixels | 202 MB